Sedra ReEh, 120 Words: Keep On Opening Your Hand, It’s The Best Tonic

Do you know anyone who, when enjoying their regular trip to Israel, schedules a day or two to visit and bestow their charitable donations? And I don’t mean those large events to honour gold and platinum patrons.

Might it be those who propose that communities should ensure that their charity dollars go further, that less be wasted and more go to the proper deserving end?

The Torah projects a very human image upon this Mitzvah; We are not commanded to GIVE but to “Open your hand”, [why does it not speak of hands in the plural?] and keep on opening it. [15:8 and Rashi]

But it is not just a matter of GIVING, we MUST OPEN OUR HAND, we must perform the action of opening our hand which implies meeting the recipient face to face and devising strategies to ensure they accept it [Rashi] This is medicine for our heart, verse 10. And verse 11 repeats this exact prescription.

And this is not just medicine for our heart, this is a recipe for success in WHATEVER we do, verse 10

And this positive energy is generated even from the words we offer in assuring the recipients that we will be opening our hand, Rashi verse 10.

The energy generated between people assisting one another is Gd’s Greatest Blessing, and all we need do is open our hand.