Sedra Shoftim, 120 Words; Who Is Responsible for Justice?

The first three verses relate to Justice. 16:18, 19 & 20

The first verse instructs those who appoint the judges. Rashi 16:18

The second verse instructs the judges.

The third verse instructs the litigants. But this last verse is not an instruction to the litigants to be honest. This is not an instruction to the litigants to not be intimidating.

The litigants are instructed to select a good Beis Din.

And it this verse alone that offers a promise from Gd, for by so acting and choosing a good Beis Din, we will live and inherit The Land.

So, even after having the best people choose the best judges and these best judges being instructed to do their very best, we will still have better and not such good Beis Dins [Battei Din]

The national security, the continued well being of the nation, Gd’s benevolence upon His People rests upon us, the ordinary people who must carefully choose the best Beis Din. We are not to simply rely upon the powers that be and their wisdom and expertise and their righteousness and religious fervour. They will do their best, but we are the ones charged with this ultimate and taxing responsibility.