Sedra Ki SeiTzei 120 Words. You Shall Bear This Grudge Forever

Those of the families of Amon and MoAb, may never join Gd’s congregation through marriage. [23:4, and Rashi]

The Torah explains: when we were vulnerable and destitute, having just exited Egypt, they did not exhibit the slightest sympathy for our most basic human needs. They were not satisfied to leave us exposed to the harsh elements of the wilderness, and let nature take its course, no; they sought and employed the most expensive exterminator they could find, Balaam, to ensure our destruction.

Although we are not to avenge and actively seek their destruction, we are never to take any steps to render them any assistance.
Their plight is not to concern us,
in the slightest,

This is one grudge that we must never forget. Forgiveness is not an option.
There are depravities in the human arena that are unforgivable. They indicate a sickness that is un-healable, and that is burned into the psyche and the genetics of a family and a nation. The only signal that indicates cleansing, is a desire (and acceptance) to become a Ger Tzeddek, a convert.

I wonder, the world has lost its bearings – is it not beyond intolerable, is it not crystal clear that a deep seated un-healable sickness infects a people who brazenly expresses their ambition to obliterate another class of people, and unequivocally refuse to grant them permission to live in the domains under their control? – yet the world fails to protest and continues to seek the well being of these sick people.