120 Words Sedra Ki Savo, How Easy it is to Misunderstand the Passuk

28:47 reads, “When you had plenty of everything, you would not serve Gd your Lord with happiness and a glad heart” Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, The Living Torah

This is an unusual translation – the word Tachas, is usually construed to mean Since – i.e. Since you did not serve Gd with happiness therefore these bad things befall our nation, as per ArtScroll, “because you did not serve Hashem your Gd amid gladness and goodness of heart, when everything was abundant.”

This is sometimes [erroneously] explained thus: even though we served Gd, since we did not serve Him with happiness, we failed in our service.

The correct meaning however, is that we did not serve Gd at all, even when everything was going well for us. This is conveyed in the note of the ArtScroll Stone edition [in which notes are very brief and far from numerous i.e. they too saw it necessary to correct this misapprehension]

Love is not going through the motions. Going through the motions is hate. Being kissed by a robot means nothing. But since a robot has no loyalty to offer, its kiss is not a betrayal. Being kissed by one who declares loyalty but actually reviles or is disinterested, is a grave betrayal.