Sedra VaYera, 120 Words, So Many Kill Themselves

Kamikaze pilots, named after the fortuitous winds that sank the invading chinese fleet; self immolators protesting for Tibet’s autonomy; terrorist suicide murderers waring for their claim; and Avraham Avinu who faces death rather than compromise his loyalty to the One Gd; all share something in common.

However, Gd reserves His praise for Avraham,  “Now I know that you are true to me”  [22:12, and see Rashi] until Avraham is prepared to sacrifice his son, Yitzchak. In this case Avraham is unique. He stands far above just making an ultimate sacrifice. In this case his motivations are clearly above suspicion and unquestionably pure.

You see, when in the public eye, people are driven by an entire universe of imagination and peer compliance or rebellion.

But when we are alone, when it is just Gd and ourselves, that’s when we are in touch with our true selves, this is described by the Kabbalists as the level of Soul YichiDaAh, meaning alone.


Avraham is alone with Gd. No one will witness or as far as Avraham Avinu is aware, no one will ever know about his deed. Gd can say, “Now I know”