Sedra ChaYei Sara, 120 Words: Body Language

Yitzchak is blessed by Gd. When is this first recorded? (See Rashi 25:11)

From Yitzhak’s birth, 21:5, until the death of Avraham, we don’t hear about Yitzhak. He’s born, he almost gets slaughtered, even when his mother dies he remains invisible. He becomes visible momentarily when his future wife sees him from a distance, then when his servant describes his future wife and how he found her, and when he marries her.

In all this time, Gd does not bless Yitzchak. Only after Avraham has died, is it recorded that Gd blessed Yitzhak. In fact the Torah emphasises that the blessing conferred upon Yitzchak occurred, “following the death of Avraham”.

Is it possible that this is due to the rift that existed, up until the death and burial of Avraham, between Yitzchak and Ishmael?

“Avraham’s children buried him, Yitzchak and Yishmael, in the burial plot. ….” 25:9

Rashi 25:9 explains that Avraham “died with a smile” because Yishmael repented, as seen by his honouring Yitzhak to take the position of priority during the the service.

Only then, “following the death of Abraham” does Yitzhak deserve to be blessed.