Sedra Toldos, 120 Words. Can We Twist Gd’s Arm?

There are no atheists in the foxholes, is the common wisdom.

But that “belief” in Gd does not stop the soldier from fighting.

One can believe that Gd controls EVERYTHING and still rationalise strenuously trying to “assist” Gd. And so we have ultra orthodox rabbis and their followers, energetically fighting for what they believe is right in the eyes of Gd, as though without assistance, Gd’s will would not be accomplished.

And so Rivkah ensures that Gd’s will is not distorted. She arranges that her husband Yitzchak is deceived and lied to, in order to guarantee success to Gd’s plans. Without her help, [she believes] Gd’s plans would have been thwarted.

We do believe we can twist Gd’s arm, but – and here’s the rub; Gd really wants His arm to be twisted.