Sedra MiKetz, 120 Words – Days of Plenty or of Satisfaction?

The “Good Looking Cows” in Pharao’s dream, looked kindly upon one another. Rashi [41:2]

Musical Chairs is a game that broadcasts a (surreptitious) message? “Get the chair for yourself!”

We do not “look kindly upon one another” when competing to get the same seat.

A summer camp group, in England, included a physically and and mentally challenged boy. The boys in his group always included him with great care, patience and respect. Somehow when the dining tables were rearranged for Shabbos they were one seat short; this boy was left standing.

And then a wonderful thing happened. The entire group left the table until another chair was squeezed in and only then did they take their seats.

The most sumptuous meal amongst indifferent associates is a torture, while the simplest of foods shared between friends is the best and most enduring tonic.

Seven “years of plenty” are characterised by our Sages as “seven years of being satisfied”, the days of “SoVa”. Satisfaction is not measured by calorific intake. We are satisfied when we do not measure our comfort by how much more we have than others, and our discomfort by how much less.