Sedra VaYeChi, 120 Words. The Most Difficult Mitzvah

What could be more difficult than being prepared to sacrifice one’s life?

But sacrificing one’s life is an act of Kiddush HaShem, of honouring Gd. And one might project in their own mind that this is a great and worthy honour which makes it a little easier.

What Mitzvah is there that does not offer such an opportunity?  Every Mitzvah is an act by which we pledge our allegiance to Gd, and is a great and worthy honour which ought to make it a little easier.

The conflict often, if not always, is the dissonance, the clash between what we want and what we perceive to be what Gd wants. The Mishna in Pirkey Avos advises – Battel ReTzoncha, we should quash our own ambitions, MipNei ReTzono, to satisfy Gd’s ambitions.

So the simplest solution is to make His ambition, our own ambition.

That can be accomplished in one of two ways: either truly subsume our own ambitions to His, or cosmetically rebrand our own ambitions and consider them to be His ambitions.

Why did the brothers of Yosef not seek his forgiveness? See the Pesukim 50:15 and Rashi and then follow the discussions between the brothers. See also Rabbenu Bachya, who proves from the liturgy of the 10 Martyrs, that there was no reconciliation between the brothers and this lingered and festered and attributed to the torture and death of these 10 great leaders and the deterioration of our national destiny and extended exile.

I apologise; I am unable to clearly describe the harsh criticism embodied in my notes here, but it is clear enough to those who wish to see it.

May our exile soon end.