Sedra Shemos, 120 Words, Why Do We Abandon Religion?

When the Jews exited Egypt in triumph, they were all circumcised, they had to be in order to participate in the KorBan Pesach. So the Jews, who had abandoned circumcision in order to be like the Egyptians, were coerced just before leaving Egypt, to undergo circumcision. Keep in mind that these were the best 20% of the Jewish population.

When, in our 210 year Egyptian exile, did we decide to abandon BeRis Milah in order to be like the Egyptians?

Our Sages explain this occurred immediately following the demise of Yosef.

Yosef was the first of YaAkov’s children to die. His brothers were still alive and heading the extremely wealthy, protected, well established and comfortable Jewish community when the Jews declared war on their traditions, abandoning Beris Milah.

We are astounded that Yosef’s position as Egypt’s Chancellor was not filled by his children or family, and shocked that our ancestors could so aggressively abandon circumcision, the ancient family ritual.

Perhaps the people’s confidence in their leaders had eroded. Perhaps they saw that their leaders would not get along with their own brother. Perhaps they noted that petty, selfish arguments prevented them from uniting and succeeding Yosef as the CEO? Perhaps they said this is all a load of nonsense?