Sedra VaERa, 120 words, HaShem Echad USheMo Echad

It would come as no surprise to us, as believing Jews, had Gd arranged that we go to sleep as slaves in Egypt, only to awake the next morning as free people in the Promised Land.

So why does Gd punish the Egyptians? Why is He seeking Pharoh’s permission?

Clearly Gd wants them to capitulate.

Rashi [7:2] explains however, that Gd’s focus and purpose is His Nation: we must learn Gd’s might from witnessing what Gd inflicts upon those who do not posses the “Nachas RuAch” to be whole-heartedly devoted to Gd.

Yet, we assert that all people possess free will. Therefore the “Nachas Ruach” Rashi speaks of is a self inflicted blemish, which can be corrected.

Gd’s flags and standards are Revenge: they herald His arrival and departure – Kel NeKamos HaShem [Gem Berachos]

True revenge is not a bloodbath, but open unqualified recognition of mistakes and seeking forgiveness.

BaYom HaHu YiYeh HaShem Echad USheMo Echad

May we merit to soon see that day