Sedra Bo, 120 Words. When Are We Most Stubborn?

Paroh heeds his advisers; “Don’t you realise that Egypt is FINISHED?” [10:7]

He is nevertheless defiant. Declaring that he has only concerned for welfare of the Jews [10:10] he demands the women and children as hostages [10:11]
Paroh then dishonourably discharges Moshe and Aharon from his palace, something he has never done before. [10:11]
This is not a diplomatically smart move. If Paroh restrained himself until now, what was it that pushed him over the brink?
Until now he felt he was in charge. Sure he was losing battles, but he knew he would win the war. After all, Gd of the Jews keeps asking him to let His People go. Well, why doesn’t he just take them if He can?
Now though, Paroh realised that Gd is playing him. And he was angry at being made a fool of.
But, like most of us, he still preferred to be a strong defiant loser that a puny surrendering winner.
So, the answer to the question, When Are We Most Stubborn?
  –  almost always
because we don’t easily live by the truth – Wisdom is greater than Strength