Sedra BeShaLach, 120 Words; Ingrates

Experience shows that as we get older we get wiser, we gain better perspectives and realise the kindness and sacrifice of our parents and mentors.

But why wait until we are older? Too much protection prevents us identifying and affirming our relationship.

Amalek is the first to attack us yet Gd permits the attack rather than just making them disappear. Does Gd love us?

Yes, but we had forgotten Gd; we took Him for granted. Gd helped us affirm our relationship. Is this not the dream of every lover? to save her love from failure? That’s why Yehoshua does not obliterate Amalek [Rashi 17:13] Amalek must remain to remind us, as with Haman, who compelled cognisance after many prophets failed.

This explains why although commanded to destroy Amalek, we never initiate the attack. Only when attacked by Amalek do we engage in war to destroy. Thus, Gd’s throne remains incomplete as long as Amalek is still required for this purpose [Rashi 17:16]


PS perhaps no wars are obligatory, as in to go on the offensive, unless for imminent preservation of life, which is why the wars against the Canaanites was bolstered with the warning that if they are not eradicated they will be a Mokesh and a constant abrasive erosive nuisance