Sedra MishPaTim, 120 Words. When is it the Mountain of Gd?

The final paragraph, 7 verses, [properly called a Parsha, the entire weekly reading is a Sedra from the word Seder, sequence or order, like the Siddur we pray from, where the prayers are ordered] mentions the mountain 8 times.

Moshe is instructed to ascend “The Mountain” and be given the tablets, the Torah and the Mitzvah

Moshe ascends Gd’s Mountain “Har HoEloKim” 24:13

Of the 8 opportunities here to name it, Gd’s Mountain “Har HoEloKim” it is so described but once – when Moshe ascends.

Gd’s creation is incomplete, and Gd’s purpose is unfinished – it awaits man’s arrival and participation.

The same observation is made by Chazal when Gd completes creation it is but a latent power – it awaited and required the intervention of Adam for the universe to be set into motion.

As a sage observed – Sure time flies –  but we are the pilot

This expression “Har HoEloKim” is found 3 more times in the Torah. Each time where Moshe interacts not with Gd but with himself through Gd or through others. The Burning Bush does not occur on “Har HoEloKim”

Shemos 3:1; where Moshe, tending his father in law’s sheep, an occupation pursued by our Avos providing them with opportunity to contemplate and reflect, comes upon “Har HoEloKim”

Shemos 4:27; where Moshe meets Aharon his brother after 60 years of separation.

Shemos 18:5; when Yisro brings the family to Moshe