Sedra TeRuMah 120 words. Can Words Capture Ideas?

I have not counted the words or the verses that HKBH uses to describe the Tabernacle, the Mishkan. BTW Mishkan is like SheChuNa, – neighbourhood; SheCheiNim – neighbours; Shechinah – Gd’s presence – which makes it sound like a very close and friendly Gd.

We can be certain though, that in spite of all these words to describe it, a thousand people building it to these descriptions, would each create vastly different structures and designs.

So why bother writing all those words in the first place? Especially when the Torah values words and letters and dispense them with such frugality.

Some may suggest that there are deep mystical secrets concealed within the choice and the spelling of the words and their sequences.

But perhaps the real message is that no matter how hard one tries, words cannot capture ideas. Maths is a discipline that has its own language. It demands precision and is used to describe and accurately predict the physical properties of our world. Chemistry too has its disciplined and precise symbolic language.

There is precision in what they describe but they cannot, and indeed do not even attempt to explain the why.

The genius of Gd is captured by our Sages – Gd is unlike a mortal king. A king mints coins and each and every one is identical to the other, The King of Kings mints coins in His image and from the same stamping machine no two coins are identical. All humanity emerges from one couple Adam and Chava, but HKBH wants diversity, He wants people to look different to one another and to think differently to one another.