Sedra Ki Risa, 120 Words; The Rabbi Stands for The Congregation

If, as the verses read, Moshe removed the veil only whilst in the direct presence of HKBH, how does it make sense that the verse [34:35] says – “and the people saw that Moshe’s face was glowing”?

Rashi [34:33&34] explains firstly why Moshe kept a veil over his face – it was not to protect the Yidden – rather it was to honour HaShem. It would be inappropriate that the people be permitted to enjoy the sight, and a disgrace to the Giver of that wonderful gift.

Rashi next explains, that nevertheless, Moshe Rabbenu would remove the veil when he spoke to the People.
Yet there is no need to mention that Moshe removed the veil when speaking to the people because speaking to the people is tantamount to speaking to HaShem. Moshe Rabbenu was great in every respect, yet in some manner he recognised the honour of the people as he stood before them, they deserve the same respect that Moshe would show as he stood before Gd. This is so obvious that it need not even be stated.
There is great lesson to be learned here – the people have a power that perhaps even they do not recognise. Nevertheless, the rabbi must recognise their honour and treat them accordingly.