Sedra Tzav 120 Words, The Sinner and The Cohen

The word Cheit is known to mean SIN; a dirty, ugly, tainting word.

Yet, 6:19 reads, “the Cohen HaMeChaTei” who sprinkles the blood of the sin offering will eat it in the holy place.

Rashi explains it refers to the Cohen who processes the beast into an offering.

Similarly, 8:15 reads, “Moshe slaughtered and sprinkled the blood on the altar and VaYeChaTei the Mizbeach”

Rashi explains that he purified it to be used for sacred service exclusively by the Cohanim, which does not really explain the meaning of the word “VaYeChaTei”

Evven Ezra 6:18 explains that it means the one who removes the sin of the sinner, the cleaner, so to say.

So those who are the most noble in our congregation must engage with the almost most sordid. They must sanctify the machinery for forgiveness.

The must be intimately engaged to repair and rehabilitate the sinner.

They eating the flesh of that sacrifice, they must not pass it on to some second class Cohen.

And they must eat it in the place of holiness.

They must not only process the offering, they must actively participate, give testimony that the sin is expunged, that the sinner is cleansed.

And launch the sinner on a path that can lead them to a more intense and intimate relationship with HKBH