Sedra Shemini 120 words, Elevations

because I am your Gd who has elevated you from Egypt [in order] to be your Gd, and you will be special because I am special [11:45]

to be holy and special means that one is different, is set apart from the common and the ordinary.
some things are built special from their inception, think of a formula one racing car.
Other things start off the same as anything else but become special by later modifications. Those later modifications may be externally imposed, like an ordinary car being rebuilt with different components; or implemented from within by tweaking and adjusting its standard components.
As Chazal, our Sages see it, we are elevated by not consuming those sorts of foods – which I believe means, we are sensitised and made special even by such devotions which are not clearly discerned as having a deleterious effect upon our sensitivities.
And Gd is pleased for this alone [Rashi 11:45] If His Chosen People should have just this single opportunity to elevate themselves by not being inspired by the nations around them, and exercise their self control to not consume such foods, this would alone have justified all the miracles that Gd displayed to win over His Nation’s devotion.