Sedra TazRia 120 words – The Tortmented Soul

Humanity it seems, has always maintained an irrational faith that the physical tangible world we interact with is impenetrable. There has forever been an unshakable belief that life is mysterious and not too far below the surface  of our tangible physical world, is a system which although linked to physics and the sciences, defies our limited knowledge and our analytic skills.

Take for example the incredibly popular and successful sales of magnets (and the hundreds of others and new emerging “fads”) for personal health and well-being. Science and medicine cannot explain it, many dismiss it, but many more including skeptics, buy and try it, even if under the camouflage of saying, “well it can’t do any harm”. And many swear by it.

I think this is all driven the the energy of our soul. The echo of our soul reverberates within us as it seeks expression and wants to be recognised and identified. But we are too scared of our soul, of our spiritual identity and the ramifications of legitimising it’s identity, to make such an admission.

And so, in order to silence the knocking at the door of the chamber we have locked it into, we play the music of our comfortable life a little bit louder. We immerse ourselves in distractions, which are all but a temporary diversion and provide no real relief.

The Torah legitimises and is perhaps the source of this irrational but stubbornly indelible urge. It is perhaps best illustrated in the Sedra which documents the physical blemishes, on buildings, clothes and people, that require a decidedly spiritual healing process. The person is isolated, covers their face, and announces their unclean status.

Imagine if George Pell would cover his face, isolate himself from the public arena and tell people he is a sinner and spiritually tainted, rather than telling us how difficult things have been for him?