Words are Very Flexible

Many ask -What makes the Rasha’s, the evil son’s, question so offensive? After all the Wise son, the Chacham, also seems to exclude himself when he asks, “What are these various ordinances that Gd has commanded you” – when he might have said, “that Gd has commanded US”?

The Seforno explains: imagine siblings chatting, an adopted child with a child born to that mother and the implications in using the word “our” as in “our mother” as opposed to “your mother”. Depending on the circumstances, it might be a wonderful compliment or a terrible insult.

Or Kerry saying “our land” when pursuing concessions from the Jews or from the others.

Spoken Language is a form of communication that suffers great shortcomings.

Patience is the substance of understanding others, and oneself. We annually celebrate Pesach since leaving Egypt the first time – and we are still trying to digest and learn the message.