Thank Gd for the ReShaim, the Evil Children

That infamous verse, in which the evil son mocks his parents and disparages the boring senseless work they and their associates are committed so passionately to, and in which the father responds in such harsh terms,

– is the same verse in which the people bow and praise and thank Gd for the children He has given them; yes those evil children.

Is this just lip service or is it possible that we really do thank Gd for such children?

When we left Egypt, it was only a very small fraction of our people who left, many died – were executed – were purged, during the plague of darkness.

So only the very best left Egypt. And yet these very best refused to haveĀ themselves circumcised and Gd required a strategy to coerce them.

So as we face the barrage of rejection from our children – we think about ourselves. We, the bearers of this great tradition and excellence, have emerged from those who refused to be circumcised, even after witnessing all those miracles and signs. We too come from evil stock. MitChila OvDey AvoDah Zara HaYu AvoSeyNu.

And yet look what power majesty and nobility and righteousness and devotion emerged from these humble and rebellious foundations.

So we thank Gd for these children, because what is today’s evil child is tomorrows Tzaddik and builder of Gd’s destiny.