Rabbi Kennard,

I know there are 13 articles of belief – but which one of those 13 encompasses, “A belief that the State of Israel is a blessing from Hashem for which we should be thankful”?

Furthermore, in whatever guise it be espoused: “the beginning of redemption; or a hope that it will be”; however one wishes to define Religious Zionism, how how important is it that one have this belief?

And by what yardstick can Religious Zionism be, “a core belief in our relationship with Hashem”?

What happens if we do not believe, “that the State itself, with all its imperfections, is a good thing”?
Does one participate less vigorously in those Jewish Israeli Zionist issues that one is in favour of?
Does one protest more vigorously against those Jewish Israeli Zionist issues that is not in favour of?
Does a Religious Zionist donate a greater proportion of Tzedaka monies to Eretz Yisrael than one who is not a RZ?

As I already asked in my earlier post, what difference does it make if one does or does not carry this badge?

As to whether, “a non-Zionist can embody and lead the philosophy of a synagogue if he personally does not share a core element of that philosophy” – is it not entirely dependent upon the disposition of the congregation? If the congregation is blinded by slogans and peripheral tribal loyalties, then the answer is, no. No matter what values, brilliance and charisma this rabbi can muster and value he can provide, the congregation will be incapable of accepting him as a leader.

The imagery you are describing, Rabbi Kennard, is closer to the CEO of General Motors driving a Ford car, or the Coke CEO admitting he prefers the taste of Pepsi. An image of true brainless-ness, which unfortunately seems to occupy the vast majority of First World occupiers.

If this is the attitude of any congregation, that they cannot accept “a non-XYZnik, even one who understands and greatly respects XYZ”, then we have just another example of people whose first loyalty is not to Gd but to their tribal group.

What a shame; because even the football mad Victorian community know when to take a winner. The Collingwood coach, Nick Malthause, is now working for their arch enemy Carlton. Why? Because winning a premiership is the goal.

If only we too would focus and understand that being loyal to HKBH comes first, second and third, and that is the only premiership of value to promote and pursue, we then would cease all this internecine bickering and amalgamate ourselves to serve HaShem Echad.

If there is anything absurd that one ought to think about – it is exactly this. We, a people who twice daily declare our allegiance to Gd as being the Only One, are engaged in a waste of energy to promote the triumph of our own little fiefdom. We seek, without respite, opportunities to manufacture and highlight the slightest differences between ourselves and those of different tribal loyalties and then trumpet these differences and utilise them to build barriers to isolate our groups from the other groups – and we truly believe that we are thus honouring Gd Almighty.

Heaven Help Us.

I have made this point countless times regarding Kashrus. Here in Melbourne, a kitchen dedicated exclusively to Kosher MUST be Kashered – as though pork has been cooked there – if Heaven forbid, meat from an opposing Kosher authority was brought into that kitchen.
And some think that Gd and His angels rejoice and dance at this cruel display of deceptive, corrupted Yiddishkeit.

And lastly, what makes a rally, “an anti-Zionist rally”?
Yes, I know you are slapping your forehead in disbelief, but I think that if you would try to formulate the answer to this question, there would be some light shed constructively on this matter.

This is a highly emotional discussion and I am attempting to bring some brain clarity to the fore and push some of the heart a bit further into the background, so please understand this is a serious query and not a provocative gesture.