Sedra BeHar 120 Words. Holy #3

Three consequential Sedros share a common theme:

  1. Sedra Kedoshim – holiness to be pursued by everybody
  2. Sedra Emor – holiness to be pursued by Kohanim
  3. Sedra Behar – holiness of Yovel, Jubilee.
    It is however surprising that the Torah does not articulate holiness for the Shemittah, the seven year cycle.

Perhaps this is because holiness is primarily associated and driven by people. The Yovel is holy because it is a year of freedom, the national character celebrates this – “Sanctify the Yovel year and pronounce Freedom throughout the land for all its inhabitants” [25:10]

Land is returned to its original owners and

slaves are freed and return to their families. [Rashi]

Holiness means people know their place and their responsibilities
and they live to pursue and accomplish those duties