Sedra Emor 120 Words, Kohanim are Holy

We are instructed to honour Kohanim, as per the verse, VeKiDashTo [21:8] is an oft misquoted rule.

VeKiDashTo in fact, commands us to ensure that the Kohanim live according to Gd’s instructions, and if they do not, we must coerce them.

Following this in the same verse, KaDosh YihYeh Lach, he should be made holy to you – this refers to our duty to honour the Kohen.

Holiness is comprehensive – he who is holy must know and live holiness; others must recognise and respect this persons status.

Holy means special.

Jacob gave his son Joseph a special coat, different to that worn by his brothers, in order that Joseph and his brothers should be aware of his special status.

Jacob did not err. We say at the conclusion of the priestly blessings that when Jacob [initially] dressed Joseph in that garment, Joseph was viewed by everyone in the most honoured respected and favourable manner.

The family, the community and the country is Holy when we all live up to our own special qualities and recognise and honour the special qualities of others.