Sedra Bamidbar 120 words; How Gd Does It

Here is a beautiful illustration of a wonderful, mutually caring relationship.

Gd commanded that Moshe count all the Jews. This was Moshe’s Mitzvah, no one else could be delegated.

All the tribes gathered for this task [1:18] other than the babes of the Levi’im, who were counted from the age of 30 days. Rashi [3:16] says only the babes were counted at home.

Why were the Levite babes not brought to Moshe for counting? After all, the Mitzvah of HakHel requires the babes be brought to Yerushalayim.

Actually, we find no explicit command that the Yidden form one group in order to be counted, rather it seems, the people volunteered or perhaps heeded Moshe’s request that they gather for this purpose. However it appears that Moshe, in order to avoid troubling the parents, requested that the babes not be brought for counting. Rather, he will go to them.

However, due to modesty considerations, Moshe could not satisfy his personal duty to count them himself. He had to remain outside their homes. [Rashi 3:17] Moshe, complaining of his [self inflicted] quandary, turned to HKBH who instructed him, “You do what you can and I will assist with the rest.” Accordingly, Moshe went to their homes to count the babes of Levi but he remained outside the house. HKBH then reported to Moshe the number of babies; thus being counted, “by the mouth of Gd, as Moshe was commanded” [3:17]