Shavuos 120 Words, Redemption

Our nation has great memories. We choose for example, to continue remembering that we outsmarted our enemies by reciting the Shema during Mussaf. [yes, THAT’S why we say Shema in Kedusha of Mussaf]

Gd, in relation to the Chag, commands us, “And you shall remember that you were a slave in Egypt” [Devarim 16:12]

Which Chag is this? Pesach of course.

No, that is wrong. The Chag of Pesach is dedicated to eternally [all the days of your life] remembering, “the DAY you left Egypt” [Devarim 16:3]

So, if not Passover, then which Chag is dedicated to remembering that we were slaves in Egypt [which is subtly different to remembering the DAY we left Egypt]?


Rashi  [Devarim 16:12] offers perspective – the Passuk, “remember that you were a slave in Egypt”, concludes, “you will guard and do these commandments”. It is for this that I must remember that I was a slave. As slaves we could not select our own destiny nor choose a purpose. Gd wanted our memory to assist us focus our energies on having a purpose and choosing to guard and do His commandments.

Redemption is not freedom, it is purpose and ambition.