Sedra VaEsChanan, 120 words – Our Children can be Pests

When Gd threatened to eliminate the Yidden following the Golden Calf Debacle, He told Moshe Rabbenu, “Leave Me alone” [Shemos 32:10] which suggested, “It’s up to you Moshe, if you leave Me alone I will eliminate them, but if you don’t leave me alone I will not.”

So Moshe R pestered Gd, and he succeeded in saving us.
However, Moshe R also learned a lesson – NEVER give up.
In this week’s Sedra we see the genius and the Chutzpah of Moshe R. When HKBH told him, “You will not be entering E Yisrael.” Moshe R said to himself, “Even though HKBH did not allude that I pester Him, nevertheless, once He has issued such an invitation, I see this as a Hetter to pester Him for other needs.”
Every time we made trouble, Moshe R went in to bat for us. He pestered Gd.
But only when Moshe R pesters Gd for his own desires, does the Torah tell us about his Chutzpah.
Our children have no problem in petering us. And it is a Nachas when they pester us for righteous, honourable aspirations.