Sedra Eikev, 120 nWords – Gd Delivers

When’s  the last time a finance minister has promised, and the population has believed, that EVERYONE will be better off?

Only Moses could pull that trick. And only we believe that. Just read the first couple of verses in this week’s Sedra.

When’s the time that a wandering bunch of rowdy 4by2’s caused anyone to cross the road? (Wait, there is method to my ….)

See, we have no tradition and no history to use the sword, rocket, nor whatever power we wield, to Judaise our neighbours, community or the world. They want to destroy us – from the river to the sea – we want to live comfortably and do business with them. When we demonstrate we get the fellow dismissed, had they demonstrated the entire building (plus collateral) would’ve  been trashed.

And yet our power is so feared that prominent, sane, public figures, will attribute to us the power of directing the unrest in all parts of the world: a recent example, the ISIS is a Zionist plot to destabilise and bad-mouth Islam.

This is clearly a function of us actually possesing that power. We dont need to fight wars in the conventional fashion, we don’t need to manipulate for success, we dont need to proselytise in order to persuade ourselves that ours is the best Gd.

And all because we already have that confidence – it’s there in the Torah in black and white; its there in world history, in black and white; its there in the irrational palpable desire to hate and obliterate us, also there in black ans white; and it’s there in our understanding all this, and our unshakable confidence that we are Gd’s Chosen People.