Sedra N VaYelech, 120 words – His Bark is Worse

After hearing the 98 terrifying curses, we became despondent; it was necessary for Moshe Rabbenu to encourage and inspire us. [Rashi 29:12, Medrash Aggadah]

What would you advise Moshe Rabbenu to say?

How would you react to hearing – “You guys have annoyed Gd on so many occasions  – and look, you’re still here to tell the story. [so there’s no need to take those curses literally]” Rashi 29:12 DH Attem NiTzavim HaYom

If we see an adult aggressively berating a child for carelessly crossing the road, we would assume the adult loves that child. [even if we don’t agree with the “corrective process”] and we may well encourage that child in the same way – “don’t take all that negative external posturing seriously” which means nothing to a child; we might however, remind them of previous misdeeds which brought similar ominous but unfulfilled warnings.

The moral – just because we are adults does not mean we always react [nor should be spoken to] as adults.