Rosh HaShana, 120 words, How Hard Could it Be?

coprophagia – it’s what dogs do, and it revolts us.
The prophet uses that image to shock us into recognising the revolting nature of
our repeated betrayal of Gd and
our repeated betrayal of our friends and
our repeated betrayal of ourselves.

KeKelev, like a dog, HaSHav that repeats and consumes Al Kio, its own refuse.

So why do we repeat the same stupid, self and others – destructive acts that yield us no benefit?

How hard can it be to change?

And yet, hard it is.
It is hard to eat less.
It is hard to stop being negative.
It is hard to stop being self critical.
It is hard to be objective.
It is hard to let go of valuing the opinion of others – of needing to see ourselves through the eyes of others who do not love us.
It is hard to love when we feel we deserve more and others ask too much of us.

Rosh HaShana is the time we declare that Gd as the King of all kings
we seek to grasp that this entire universe
is naught but an expression of Gd’s Will

everything else is just distraction and diversion

See things as Gd sees them

See ourselves through Gd’s eyes
and no other