Yom HaKippurim, 120 Words – No Rest for the Wicked?

The “Day of Atonement” is described as, The Super Shabbos [Vayikra 23:32 Shabbos Shabboson] during which we afflict ourselves.

The word, “Shabbos” is derived from the root “to sit”, to be idle, to rest; “Sheves”, is the Torah’s compensation for being prevented from working whilst recuperating.
Physical rest however, is not a release from anxiety; mind and emotions might still be racing. In fact, physical activity may well assist to diminish anxiety as does eating, being a search for comfort and distraction rather than a physical need.
How then do we resolve ?
Perhaps anxieties and frustrations are only resolved by coming to terms with our betrayals, our short-cuts, our self-deceptions and our convenient ambiguities – “I do not lie, I am economical with truth” –
and is the soul of the Day of Atonement, a true Day of Rest
a Day when we can comfortably look at our unvarnished self
because we believe [even if only for a short time]
that we have the ability to be true and uncluttered.