Sedra Lech Lecha, 120 Words – Loyalty

There was dispute between the shepherds of Abram and the shepherds of Lot [Abram’s nephew]
Abram suggests that they dissolve their “joint venture” and each go his own way.

Bereishis 13:11, You can choose, Abram tells Lot, whichever area you prefer. If you go to the right I will go left. If you prefer the left, I will go to the right.

But this is not Abram abandoning Lot. Far from it. It is an assurance. Abram is subtly assuring Lot; I know you will not be confident in your ability to successfully run the business – after all Lot is not even capable of preventing his shepherds from stealing [Rashi 13:7] so wherever you go I will not be far away [Rashi 13:9].

Indeed, Abram runs to assist his nephew even after his spectacular fall from grace, after he has “cosied up” with the worst criminal and depraved people on earth. Abram saves Lot’s life, and still expects no obeisance, no grovelling and no pleasantness from Lot or his descendants.

But from that evil, betraying and corrupted family emerged the jewel of King David’s dynasty, Psalms and Israel’s indelible, noble and majestic posture and mindset of loyalty to family and to Gd.