Sedra Toldos, 120 words – Truth

“But we have finally recognised that Gd is with you – please, let us make a covenant” [a non aggression treaty] Thus speaks king Avimelech to Yitzchak. This is no private, off the record, conversation. The king with his official entourage, headed by his Chief of Staff, Phichol formally speak of recognising Gd. 26:28

Yet these same Gd fearing people only a short time earlier, had been harassing Yitzchak in every conceivable way.

Some of us, although not looking for Gd, will at least, when brought face to face with Gdliness, recognise, respect and seek to accommodate Gd.

Yet when today’s world leaders say “Gd bless ….” we can only wonder what they might be thinking about.

Who is unable to recognise Gd’s intervention in the history and success of the tiny state, persecuted, prosecuted and openly hounded to be annihilated and wiped off the map?

Indeed, may Gd bless … the world with honesty.