Sedra VaYeTzei, 120 words – YaAkov Weeps

“And YaAkov raised his voice and wept” 29:11

What stirs him to tears?

To raise his voice?

To cry out in anguish?

Rashi explains; he has no gifts to offer his bride to be.

As he is about to launch the future of Gd’s destiny, of Israel’s emergence as the 12 tribes, history’s culmination of seeking the best, Avraham and Yitzchak, and refining it to make it the very best; this man whose name we carry on our identity card, is so distressed that he raises his voice and weeps – because he has no gifts to offer his Kallah.

How quaint.

Unless we understand the importance of both recognising and also communicating our appreciation of others, HaKoras HaTov.