Sedra VaYigash 120 words, The Foundation

A new start, a clean sheet – where does one begin?

Yakov and his family won the great lottery, they had protektzia in the palace, at the highest level in the government. They moved to security, when the world stood on the brink of an extended 5 year drought. The world would starve, they would be living with every luxury.

They leave all their Shmattes behind because their new accommodations are fully and luxuriously outfitted. [I dont know how that fits with YaAkov exposing himself to danger in order to salvage insignificant jugs because MaMonam Chaviv MiGuFom]

What are the foundations for this new life?

Yehudah was sent in advance of the family, by YaAkov to Yosef – to establish a place of Torah learning from which to provide guidance. [Rashi 46:28]