Sedra Naso 120 Words – The Things we Wish Not to See

Bamidbar, [Numbers] Chapter 5 verse 12 contains a message that is so aggressively not politically correct – that I fear to write about it.

It is apartheid at its very foundation.
It is discriminatory to its core.
It points to such a lopsided and distorted view of the nature of this world – that we subliminally refuse to see what is staring us in the face. There is no discussion or argument, no one who fights for fairness, equality and justice even considers this a point of interest – because it is so terrifyingly irrefutable.
The Torah clearly endorses this discrimination, that places obligations and frightening consequences upon some whilst seeming to exempt others for no other reason but that they are different. They are not less competent or able, just by some quirk of nature a little but different.
So look it up and let me know what you think.
May we be granted the wisdom to see and the courage to act