120 Words Sedra BeHaAloSecha – Gd is not for display purposes

“So that it should not be said that Gd requires its [the Menorah’s] light”

That explains why the wicks of the outer lamps were pointed towards the central lamp. [Rashi]

This does not make sense. The difference caused by the wicks being pointed in any direction is less than negligible.

The verse reads – they should illuminate towards the FACE – PeNei HaMenorah [Bamidabar 8:2]

Let us ask: what is the FACE of the Menorah?

We would think it means the FRONT

The front being the face, speaks of the Menorah and its lights being for display to those who are looking towards the Menorah

However, our Sages understand that the FACE of the Menorah is its central core

This is not a show for those who are observing from the outside

Gd does not require nor does He want such pageantry and representations

It should not be said that Gd wants people to observe and rhapsodise from the outside