Sedra Shelach 120 Words – Why the Righteous?

Gd is slow to anger [14:18] where there is justification for Gd’s anger

Can Gd be angry with the righteous? Moshe Rabbenu thinks so, because as Chazal describe it [Rashi] he seeks reassurance that Gd’s “slow to anger” is exclusively for the righteous. Moshe is disappointed; Gd disagrees, “it is also for those who are evil”

It is easy to hate from a distance but when you get close and give to them, you cultivate love.

Moshe Rabbenu has not yet cultivated this love, but later, when has, he pleads with Gd, “You must not destroy them”

He has come to see the people as his family. He loves them in spite of their evil ways, as does Gd.