Sedra Ki Setze pt 2 120 Words – Torah On One Leg

Teach the entire Torah whilst standing on one leg?

What leg [pillar] does the Torah stand upon – don’t do to others …

But this MUST also include Mitzvos that are exclusively between Man and Gd – how does that work?

The fabric of society and civilisations is comprised of people bound to one another by degrees of loyalty, or separated by degrees of hate. In the anthropomorphic imagery of the Torah – Love and Loyalty, Hatred and Betrayal; defines our relationship with Gd. We don’t want to be betrayed, neither does Gd. We want to feel loved, so does Gd. This is the one leg the ENTIRE Torah stands on.

So all 613 categories of commandments are expressions of our relationships, they illustrate and cultivate love and loyalty, either between Man and Man or between Man and Gd.

Our life is a career in building relationships, so [continuing last week’s thought] when he who we offer to assist says, “You know what? This is your Mitzvah, so if you want it, help yourselves but I am not helping.” he has obviously shut down any relationship we are trying to extend. In such circumstances there can be no Mitzvah.