Sedra Lech LeCha, 120 words – Who’s the Boss?

So your army has just been routed, your entire clan taken captive, and you, the king have managed to save yourself in the most ignoble fashion.


Who rescues you?


Some lunatic religious freak, who preaches one Gd for all of humanity. He is a man of peace but he fought against the seasoned warriors who thrashed your army and almost murdered you. This madman took this risk in order to save his own renegade nephew, taken in by his uncle after he became an orphan, and who spurned his uncle’s religious stuff. This madman was driven by nothing other than his own confidence in Gd Almighty.


And now you meet this madman. He has all your wealth, property, people, not to mention your dignity and honour.


What do you say to him?


Have a look for yourself Chapetr 14, Verse 21