Sedra VaYeshev 120 words – therearview

Yosef brings disparaging reports about his brothers, to YaAkov his father.

Rashi explains that for each item he reported, he was later ‘punished’. But these ‘retributions’ occurred many years later and were so subtle that one must wonder if they would at all register. So what was the point? Gd could/should have sent those and stronger reminders earlier, in order to resolve their growing mutual hatred.

I don’t know why Gd did not intervene to stop the family split, maybe it’s because Gd charges US with those responsibilities.

Let us ponder though why HKBH brings ‘subtle retribution’ to Yosef all those years later?

We like leafing through our photo albums, but we tend to limit ourselves to the ‘good’ photos. I wonder if HKBH’s reminders are a challenge for us to look at the not-so-pleasant because that is an opportunity to become great. Greatness comes from reflecting upon our past and thereby adjusting our future.