Sedra Shemos 120 Words – Before Gd Talks to You …

The Burning Bush that is not consumed discloses Gd’s presence. Yet before Gd calls Moshe Rabbenu from the bush, He first looks for a sign to verify that Moshe is worthy.

What is Gd waiting for? to see if Moshe puts on a Gartel, his hat, goes to wash his hands, undertakes to fast ….?

No, none of the above. Gd is waiting to see if Moshe Rabbenu is a seeker of truth. Is Moshe Rabbenu prepared to investigate this anomaly and draw conclusions without prejudice, without being coloured by his previous experiences?

“And Gs saw that he turned aside to investigate” then and only then “and Elokim called to him from the bush …” [Shemos 3:4]

This is the meaning of “Sar” = to turn away NOT turn towards, see Rashi Seforno [to contemplate i.e. to turn away from any distractions that may interfere]