Sedra Bo 120 words – Milk and Honey

The Torah describes the Promised Land as flowing with milk and honey 56 times.

But not even once in the book of Bereishis-Genesis where Gd many times promises The Land to our forefathers and their children, is it so described.

Not until Gd speaks to Moshe at the Burning Bush is it so described.

Rashi in Sedra Bo explains the meaning of Flowing with Milk and Honey – the goats and fruit are so full they overflow and dribble. It is a Land of Plenty, sweet and healthy. Gd’s blessing is obvious and free for all.

But why does Gd not bless the Land as a Land of Spirituality, a Land of Wisdom and Learning?

Is it because they who lived in the land knew its bounty, but Moshe Rabbenu had never been there?