Sedra Terumah 120 words, What’s Missing in our Mikdash?

Do the Sons of Israel have a hero?

Sure we do, our hero is Gd Almighty. However, He is not a national Hero, He is every person’s Hero.

And we will not permit anything to detract from that.

Moshe Rabbenu’s burial plot [Devarim 34:6] is and always has been a mystery so that he not become an object of worship [YaAkov Avinu similarly insisted not to buried in Egypt – Rashi Bereishis 47:29] and Moshe Rabbenu did not have Eliyahu’s deifying closure, a spectacular departure from this world that testified to his purity and holiness.

What is missing in our Mikdash? Anything that might diminish the immediate, intense and intimate relationship between HKBH and every single one of us.

The real Mikdash dwells within each one of us.