Sedra KiTisa 120 words – Sanctity

30:37: the incense … sacred to Gd, Rashi: to be employed exclusively in My service

The words “Sacred” and “Sanctity” are a little jaded today when it is fashionable to promote equality, which explains the greater popularity of their repulsive, twisted cousin, “Sanctimonious” – hypocritical fake superiority.

Korach [the wealthiest and most honoured Levite] blinded by envy and hell-bent on cutting down Moshe Rabbenu, sanctimoniously hectored, “everyone is equal before Gd.”

However, “Sacred” means special, exclusive; Groucho’s Law – “I don’t care for a club willing to have me as a member”

Love and Loyalty must be exclusive. Is there Love if the heart looks elsewhere? Is it not an insult to give a similar and certainly our most precious gift, our attention, to anyone but our beloved?

and see this clip start 5:38 and keep following past the elevator scene