VaYakHeil 120 words – What Makes the Mikdash Special?

All gifts for the Mikdash were accepted – but only those altruistically motivated donated.  35:5 – take from them [materials for constructing the Mikdash] – those with inspired hearts will bring; Rashi: their hearts have inspired them.

But for one vessel, no person or group could identify their donation. The tiny most humble donation of gold from the lowliest community member might win the jackpot, being employed for the Aron HaKodesh whilst the wealthy honoured dignitary’s large donation is relegated.

The temples of our society unlike the Mikdash, reflect other values: where one sits, be it at the stadium or the synagogue; where the family name is honoured, be it on the gold or the silver donation board.

The Mikdash is special because it is devoid of these superficial artifices of false identity.

In the Mikdash there’s just Gd and you.