Purim 120 words – When your Dress-up Touches your Core

A most powerful scene, a moment of instantaneous reversal, is powerfully portrayed in the novel, The Lord of the Flies. The children have deteriorated from typical obedient school-children into two gangs whose rivalry has already led to murder. At this point in the novel, the hunting gang, by tying their long hair and war-painting their faces, have liberated themselves from their civil identity. They have become brutes and murderers.

They set the fire to the forest to incinerate or flush out the enemy gang.

Yet when these little murderous savages face a navy captain come to investigate the fire, they instantaneously don the old mask of meek schoolboys servile to the uniform [another mask] of authority.

A Yiddish aphorism – A Ganz Yohr Purim – It is Purim all year; we are forever wearing a mask of one type or another.