Shushan Purim 120 words – Destroy They Who Seek Our Destruction

Haman’s legislated day of Jew-killing was over. No Jews died. However, 75,000 attackers had been killed.

Some months earlier Mordechai had been appointed to replace Haman and run the government. Haman the evil mastermind was dead by the king’s order, executed and hanged on the very gallows Haman prepared for Mordechai. Haman’s corpse left to hang on the gallows publicly displayed the king’s displeasure.

Yet Queen Esther request from the king a second day to Kill in the city of Shushan. Why?

Haman had infiltrated the bureaucracy with his sympathisers including his 10 sons. Esther needed to purge this lurking poison masquerading as legitimate and fair minded officials doing their job to serve their country.

Sound familiar?