Sedra Tazria 120 words – Being Alone

When we become ill, we take two Panadol and go to the doctor, as we ought to. We also Daven and our friends gather to Daven.

And he who is afflicted with the TzaRaAs must have his clothes torn, his appearance must be unkempt [like one who is in mourning – Rashi] and he must make it known that he is impure. For the duration of his affliction he must be alone. [Ch 13: 45, 46]

Our Sages declared: he requires therapy to learn the pain of isolation and thereby become healed and reformed, because he caused strife and discord that divided and isolated friends and spouses from one another [Rashi 13:46]

Perhaps we ought to be adding another dimension when we visit the doctor, take our medications and therapies, and Daven.