Pesach Halacha 200 words – Chamets Starch is Paper

Paper goods containing wheat starch ought not be used during Pesach. The wheat starch is deemed to be Chamets and may possibly be leached into hot and perhaps even cold foods put into them.

However, the OU permits using paper goods if the starch is derived from Kitniyos. And they even permit their use if the starch might be but is unlikely to be wheat derived.
This is astonishing. During Pesach we prohibit even the tiniest amounts of Chamets. Paper goods with even the tiniest risk of Chamets ought to be prohibited. How can this risk of Chamets be ignored?
The explanation is: the starch is in fact no longer a proper food – Nifsal MeAchiLa. If we know the starch is Chamets we face the problem of knowingly adding Chamets see Magen Avrohom 442:4. However, where it is both not known and also Nifsal, it is permitted.
Obviously, if the starch which is Nifsal is Kitniyos derived, there is no problem.
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